Pic-A-Day (119) Albert Mach Fine Art - 1911 Regal Underslung 25

Pic-A-Day (119) Albert Mach Fine Art.
1911 Regal Underslung 25
This is a General interest post for auto aficionados sharing a pictorial history over the decades.
I hope you enjoy the educational - historical information!......
This was seen at the Hershey Fall Meet 2014 Being listed as the name above.
The Regal Car Company opened for business in Detroit in 1907. The company hired Paul Arthur to design a car, which was going to be bodied by the Fisher Coachworks.
The company introduced their underslung model in 1911. It was priced at $900 for a runabout or $1,250 for the colonial coupe. Since the bodies were interchangeable, you could buy one chassis with both bodies for $1,400. Because of the sporty presentation allowed by the underslung design and the capabilities the Regal possessed, it was often touted as the 'Poor Man's Mercer.' This was quite the compliment, considering the Mercer sold at twice the price of the Regal.

The company went into receivership in 1918 after having its biggest production years in 1915, producing 8,227 cars. The story for which Regal may be best known forever is the great recall of 1907. After discovering issues with the 1907 cars, the manufacturer recalled the entire lot of 50 cars and replaced them with new 1908 models.
The Regal Automobile Company of Detroit, Michigan produced automobiles from 1907 through 1918. The company was formed by the Charles R., J.E., and Bert Lambert along with Fred W. Haines. Paul Arthur was hired to design their car. Their vehicles were a medium priced car which received good publicity when their Regal 'Plugger' successfully traveled from New York to San Francisco in the summer of 1909. It would cross the country five more times before returning to Detroit in the summer of 1910.
Power was from the company's four-cylinder engine. In 1915 a V8 was introduced along with a lighter four-cylinder option, both of which were designed by S.G. Jenks and supplied by the Port Huron Construction Company.
In 1918, the company entered receivership. Part of their downfall was the shortage of materials due to World War I. The company and its assets were purchased in the summer of 1918 by Maurice Rothschild. The factory remained open, making spare parts servicing vehicles, for a period of time.
The Regal Automobile Company also exported vehicles to Britain as the Seabrook-RMC.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2014

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