Pic-A-Day (382) Albert Mach Fine Art - 1918 Instructions for lubrication of a Stanley Steam Car and Image of Harris Oil Container.


It is very important that cylinder oil that is adapted to the condition should be used for lubricating the cylinders and pistons. Any other may cause serious injury to the engine, boiler and radiator.

The Harris Condenser Steam Cylinder Oil made by the A. W. Harris Oil Company, Providence, R. I., is particularly suited for Stanley cars having condensers and we would urge each owner to have a supply of this oil on hand at all times and use it exclusively in the cylinder oil tank.

For the engine crank case, we recommend the Harris Gear & Transmission Oil made by the same firm.  Six quarts is the amount used in the case.  This will measure about 1" deep at the front end directly under the filler cap.  When it shows 1/2" or less at this point, more should be added.  When the oil becomes thick so that it will not splash well or when the color has changed to a brown, the oil should be drained off and replaced with fresh oil.

In the large grease cups on the outside rear axle bearings next to the wheels, use a fairly heavy grease; also on the grease cup in the pump box on the cylinder oil pump plunger guide.  In the grease cups on the front axle spindle and on the steering rod a light grease should be used.  On all other grease cups we recommend the use of a heavy oil.  In the steering gear housing a light grease or a heavy oil or a mixture of the two may be used.

Once a week the pump drive crank bearing should be oiled.  To do this, jack up the right rear wheel and take the plug out of the pump drive crank housing just in front of the rear axle.  Turn the wheel until the crank comes around under the hole, then put a teaspoonful of oil on it and replace the plug.


The oil container was seen at the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine.


Original Stanley instructions were found here:


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