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For Immediate Release

Rob Geiger
(832) 971-9345
John Muldowney, son of legend 
Shirley Muldowney, dead at 59
CHARLOTTE (April 28) -- John Muldowney, the son of drag racing
icon Shirley Muldowney, died of a blood clot Thursday at the age
of 59 in Springfield, Mo.
John Muldowney was the only child of Shirley Muldowney and
her first husband Jack. He worked on Shirley Muldowney's
dragsters throughout her driving career and has since worked
for a variety of other teams, machines shops and fabricators.
In lieu of flowers, Shirley Muldowney is asking friends and fans
to consider making a donation to Shirley's Kids,
the 501(c)(3) charity created in her honor that helps kids
in need at various stops on the NHRA tour. Donations can
easily be made at

Visit for more info.

Allow Jeep Wranglers to Legally Drive Doorless in the Great State of Pennsylvania

Dave St.Somewhere York, PA Currently, the PA inspection code states - § 175.77 (f) Doors. A vehicle specified under this subchapter shall be equipped with doors of a type used as original equipment. The doors shall open and close securely unless the vehicle has been manufactured or modified to the extent that there is no roof or side. Tailgates, except on vehicles where the tailgate gives access to the passenger compartment, may be replaced with wood planking, nets or other material that will prevent loss of load. Tailgates may be removed when optional equipment, for example a truck camper, is added. We are petitioning the Governor, House and Senate of PA to update the above inspection code to allow Jeep Wranglers to drive doorless, one of the wonderful features of an American icon vehicle. PA has after-market vendors, professional training and trail facilities, dealerships and most importantly, law abiding, tax paying voters that drive jeeps. Come on Governor Wolf, we've seen your jeep, you've got to understand. This petition will be delivered to: Pennsylvania Governor Pennsylvania State House Pennsylvania State Senate

Which Would YOU Choose?
at the
2017 New York International Auto Show
April 17 - 23
Top Ten World Car of the Year Finalists Announced
The "Road to World Car" continues with the announcement of the finalists in six award categories.
This announcement kicks off the countdown for the 2017 World Car Awards (WCA) ceremony to be hosted by the New York International Auto Show.
This year marks the fourth consecutive year that the WCA has retained its ranking as the number one automotive awards program in the world in terms of media reach. 
A jury of 75 distinguished international automotive journalists selected the following finalists by secret ballot based on their evaluation with each candidate as part of their professional work.


The 2017 World Car of the Year will be selected from the following 10 finalists listed below in alphabetical order. 
- Audi A5 / S5 Coupé
- Audi Q2
- Audi Q5
- Fiat/Abarth 124 Spyder
- Honda Civic
- Jaguar F-PACE
- Mazda CX-9
- Skoda Kodiaq
- Toyota C-HR
- Volkswagen Tiguan
The 2017 World Luxury Car will be chosen from one of these top five finalists:

- Bentley Bentayga
- BMW 5 Series
- Genesis G90
- Mercedes-Benz E-Class
- Volvo S90 / V90
The 2017 World Performance Car top five finalists are:

- Aston Martin DB11
- Audi R8 Spyder
- Honda / Acura NSX
- McLaren 570s
- Porsche Boxster Cayman
The 2017 World Green Car top five are:

- Chevrolet Bolt
- Honda Clarity Fuel-Cell Car
- Hyundai Ioniq
- Tesla Model X
- Toyota Prius Prime
The 2017 World Urban Car top five are:

- BMW i3 (94 Ah)
- Citroen C3
- Ford KA+
- Smart Cabriolet
- Suzuki Ignis
The 2017 World Car Design of the Year award five finalists are:

- Audi A5 / S5 Coupé
- Jaguar F-PACE
- Mazda CX-9
- Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet
- Toyota CH-R
Good luck to all the finalists.  We'll see you at the Show!

EPA target is defeat devices, not racers

Aftermarket parts makers are warned

WASHINGTON -- Alarm bells rang in the auto enthusiast community last week after a trade group warned that the EPA was threatening to ban the type of modified street cars that generations of amateur racers have taken to the track.

Relax, the EPA said. There's no new ban being proposed. Fact is such modifications have always been banned under the Clean Air Act.

So what is going on?  

To All of my NortheastWheelsEvents friends, I sincerely need your help in getting out the word, so that as many people as possible watch the premiere of the tv show. I thank those of you who have already shared and posted promoting the show. We need to have as many people record and watch as possible. If you will share my posts for a few days, it could make a difference. We only have one shot to make this show a success, so that it can continue and evolve. I can honestly say each episode is better than the one before. I have this set so you can invite your friends too...I think? : ) Check out the link from Old Cars Weekly below for more info Thanks in advance for all of your support and for putting up with having me on your television. All of you know I would reciprocate without question. You guys are the best!
December 5th, 8pm-9pm

If you have never heard of  the LeMons series, check it out!!! Then haunt the demo derbies for your next LeMons entrant!!



Combined outgassing of bloviating candidates, suppurating crapcans to greatly exceed healthy levels, says New Hampshire EPA.
Loudon NH--With the Aug 29 app deadline for LeMons @ NHMS (24-25 Oct) approaching, area residents are fearing a long, difficult winter. "Most years, the air settles out after LeMons," says Loudon County syrup distiller and State EPA boss Lowell Ipswich. "This time, all that burnt 90-weight, aerosolized bearing metal, and unsavory armpit fug will be lofted back into the atmosphere by Donald Trump's hot-air plume, Ted Cruz machine-gun smoke, Hillary's powerful shrug-upblasts, and Chris Christie's eye-watering methane emissions."
The combined burdens of janky-ass racecars and gasbag politicians may imperil health across the region. "Clouds of foul exhaust from an '88 Cavalier we can handle," Mr. Ipswich explains. "But add the toxic invective of Scott Walker, Bernie Sanders' clouds of ear-steam, and the oleaginous residue left by a Clinton campaign, and you've got a much scarier prospect. Of the two, LeMons is likely less harmful." 
Indeed, the traditional autumn crapcan season tends to broadly enrich the State as communities pull together to solve metric-tool, un-siezed-up-smallblock, and Fiddle Faddle shortages and local bears fatten themselves up for the winter on racers' unwatched feral children. "If you can scrub everything down once the LeMons guys leave, then it's fine," says Loudon mayor Thos. Q. Blanchette IV. "Unfortunately, with a candidate infestation going on simultaneously, you can't even step out of the house without six guys in suits trying to akwardly kiss your baby or steal your wife's makeup. (I'm looking at youHuckabee and Rubio.)"
This year's primary has proven especially damaging, due both to the sheer number of candidates and the ever-rising volume of solid, particulate, and gaseous waste each one produces. The New Hampshire EPA cites Mr. Trump's campaign as the biggest offender, noting solid waste from hair-care products, exhaust from gratuitous helicopter rides, and voluminous rhetorical offgassing. (Mr. Trump called the agency "bear-f***ing scumbag illegals from Canadia," a statement he later deemed "misunderstood.") The least-impactful candidates are Jeb Bush, who's left only a few hundred Slim-Fast containers behind, and Carly "Pinin" Fiorina, whose campaign bus is powered by 100% renewable, carbon-neutral multimillionaire self-righteousness.  
Teams wishing to further the State's toxic worries or confirm Mr. Trump's chargesshould sign up online by Saturday, Aug 29; those wishing to throw their hats in the presidential ring should seriously reconsider.   
For full event details click here. To enter, click here.
Contact: John "Jay" Lamm, Chief Perp
5675-C Horton Street,  Emeryville CA 94608
510.655.5980 x23 (Jay direct)

Ride Shotgun in a Shelby: Enter to win a ride in our Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe!

Win a 15-minute, once-in-a-lifetime ride in the famous Daytona Coupe!

Ride Shotgun in a Shelby

Win a chance to “Ride Shotgun in a Shelby” and support the fundraising efforts of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum! Our 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe #CSX2287, 1 of only 6 built, is one of the most famous cars in motorsports history, with racing history on tracks all over the world. In 2014, it was the first car named to the Historic Vehicle Association’s National Historic Vehicle Registry, as well as “Car of the Year” by the International Historic Motoring Awards.

You’ll have a personal experience with this car that people only dream about. Our three acre back lot will be the setting for the 15 minute ride of your life. Each ticket purchased will go directly towards our Demo Day improvement fund, helping us raise money to install bleachers and safety barriers on our back lot. Please show your support and order your ticket today!

Each ticket is $20, and you can purchase as many tickets as you like. Ticket sales begin Tuesday, July 21st and close on Tuesday, September 22nd at 6:00pm EST. 



                    1903 Ford Model A from the AACA Museum, Hershey PA

Trivia 7/13/15

7/12 1910 Sir Charles Rolls dies in a plane crash

7/15 1903 The first Ford Motor Co. car sells, the Model A

7/28 1903 The Ford Model A is shipped to Dr. Pfenning

7/12 1982 The last, complete, Checker rolls off the line

7/15 1996 The 1 millionth Porsche produced.

Test your automotive trivia knowledge.

What was the last Checker sedan and station wagon called?

What company did Henry Ford leave to form the current Ford Motor Co?

What company owns Rolls Royce Motors today?

What was the first year Chevrolet offered fuel injection?

What was the first year Chrysler offered fuel injection?


The last Checker model name was the Marathon. By the way, the company closed January 14, 2010.

The company Ford left was the Henry Ford Company in 1902. It was renamed Cadillac and used the Leyland designed single cylinder motor.

Chevrolet offered fuel injection in 1957

Yes! Chrysler built an estimated 35 cars with Bendix mechanical fuel injection in 1957. 

Check your event date and post them ASAP!

If you can, check the calendar before you set your event date. Although " everyone knows our show is this date " it may not get the attendance you want because there is a " competing " event 25 miles up the road. On line calendars are a great service to our hobby. They can be used to prevent conflicts, and grow your club. Posting your events as soon as possible also helps people plan to participate and vendor's scheduling. Post on as many calendars as you can find, too. We may be one of the biggest, but no one reaches everyone! 

Why Does The  AACA Museum and Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles Post " Non-Automotive " Events? So More People Will Enjoy The World Class Museums

Why are the AACA Museum and Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles family events posted on Because we support our car museums!  

These events serve many positive purposes.

First, they bring in people who would never have visited a car museum. This makes more people aware of the " pretty cars  " as well as gets more people through the gates, keeping the museum open and strong.

Second, getting more kids into the museum may light the fire we all share, the passion for all things on wheels.

Third, These events are great reasons why you can enjoy the great cars and buses on display while your family enjoys the added attractions.

These events are win/win situations for all of us! So, plan to attend your local museum with your family and make a memory together.

See you at the show,


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